Organic Molecular Building Blocks for the Synthesis of Internal Interfaces


The central aim of this project is the chemical synthesis of organic molecules which are employed for building organic-inorganic internal interfaces of highest quality for further investigation within the CRC. The contact of the organic phase to the inorganic/semiconductor interface is intended via aromatic π-interaction or by covalent bonding (e.g. cycloaddition).

In part A novel fluoro-substituted (aza)pentacene and DNTT derivatives will be synthesized and their packing motif will be characterized by X-ray analysis. Organic-[inorganic/semiconductor] interfaces prepared from the novel (aza)pentacenes and DNTTs will be characterized in collaboration with the physics groups.

In part B, well-ordered multilayers will be generated on Si(001). Based on the chemoselective reactivity of functionalized cyclooctynes on Si(001) as demonstrated in the first funding period, second and third layer attachment will be realized employing azide/alkyne reactions.

Project-related publications

  1. P.E. Hofmann, M.W. Tripp, D. Bischof, Y. Grell, A.L.C. Schiller, T. Breuer, S.I. Ivlev, G. Witte, U. Koert
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  2. C. Länger, J. Heep, P. Nikodemiak, T. Bohamud, P. Kirsten, U. Höfer, U. Koert, M. Dürr
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  3. G. Mette, A. Adamkiewicz, M. Reutzel, U. Koert, M. Dürr, U. Höfer
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  4. J. Meinecke, U. Koert
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Prof. Dr. Ulrich KOERT

Principal InvestigatorPhilipps-Universität MarburgDepartment of ChemistryPhone: +49-6421 28-26970Project A8 (Koert/Dürr)Project A16 (Gottfried/Koert)Project MGK (Koert/Witte)Biography

Prof. Dr. Michael DÜRR

Principal InvestigatorJustus-Liebig-Universität GießenInstitute of Applied PhysicsWork Heinrich-Buff-Ring 16 Gießen 35392 Phone: +49-641 99-33490Project A8 (Koert/Dürr)Biography

Timo Glaser, PhD-student Gießen
Sophie Göbel, PhD-student Gießen
Vladyslav Aharkov, PhD-student Marburg
Carolin Kalff, PhD-student Marburg
Dominik Scharf, PhD-student Marburg
Veronika Schmalz, PhD-student Marburg

Former Contributors
Dr. Michel Blitz (geb. Fischer)
Dr. Tamam Bohamud
Dr. Julian Heep
Dr. Philipp Hofmann
Dr. Niklas Klangwart
Dr. Christian Länger
Dr. Jannick Meinecke
Dr. Niels Münster
Dr. Paul Nikodemiak
Dr. Jonas Schwaben
Dr. Matthias Tripp
Dr. Frederic Wagner